Seed Library

The Seed Library at McCowan is collection of seed packets and growing instructions designed to encourage people to plant, save and share seeds.

Our seed library is about...
  • Encouraging our community to dig in and garden.
  • Reconnecting our community to the traditions of growing tasty, healthy food.
  • Educating our community about growing, harvesting, and saving seeds.
  • Creating a community-sustained seed collection at our Library.
  • Providing information, instruction and education about sustainable organic gardening.

How it works

  • You must have a library card to participate.
  • A small package of seeds, approximately five to ten seeds, is checked out like all media from the library with the understanding that
  • you will grow the seeds, save seeds from the plants, and return a similar package of seeds to the library. Return seed envelopes will be provided for each package of seeds checked out.
  • There is no fine if the seeds are not returned.

Documents you can download to help you

Planning a Garden
This pdf for the gardener who just starting out. Itís an overview of how to plan a garden, how to start seeds, a planting chart, and how to plan a harvest. The next document, How to Save Seeds is a good companion for this document. Seed and plant sources are included in this document.

How to Save Seeds
This pdf covers the seed saving process. If youíre an established gardener, this will help you along your seed saving journey. Seed and plant sources are included in this document.

Garden Journal
This pdf can function as a traditional journal that you print out and write, or, you can use the form function built into the file. There are instructions in the document on how to use it as a form. If you choose to use the form function, you can submit your journal to the Library Seed Bank (link project which is collecting local gardening information for public reference, and historic record keeping.Seed and plant sources are included in this document. There is an email link in the document if you choose to submit it.

Please stop the library, check out some seeds and browse out our collection of gardening and seed saving books. If you have any questions, please contact the library.

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